Quito Rymer

Quito is a self taught musician and painter. His first guitar was bought for him by his father. He hid the guitar under his bed and practiced in private, as his mother, a lay preacher was not in favor of non church music. Until the fateful day when the organist was having a hard time playing a song that his mother wanted to sing for the Harvest Festival in Cane Garden Bay.

He bravely pulled out the guitar his father had bought for him and played the chords for the song. She was pleasantly surprised and he did indeed play back up for her singing at the Harvest Festival. From that point he was able to practice without hiding, as long as he was playing a church song.

As a child Quito was constantly drawing, his first medium was charcoal and he used the walls of the house as his canvas. His parents were very supportive of his ability to draw and sketch. Sketch pads and pencils were always on hand at home, provided by his parents, this gave the walls a much needed break.

When he was about 12 years old an artist, Martha Hanson, moved into the bay, Quito would hide and watch her paint and try to learn that way. She soon found him out and instead of scolding him and shooing him away, she encouraged him to learn and gave him lessons. Because of her and other encouraging souls and his own love of art and creating, Quito continued to learn and grow as a painter.


Reggae Express

Quito´s first music video produced in 2012, and shot all around the BVI.  Reggae Express is the quintessential Reggae anthem!  Originally written over 20 years ago as an homage to Soul Train, and the music of the 70s, but of course with Quito's ever present passion for reggae.

Learn the dance, come and join in.  It's all about fun, One Love, peace and inclusiveness, so hop on board...!